Alert dogs for life


“Striving to bring better service dogs to the public”
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Welcome to the official Alert Dog’s for Life website!!

This website is about raising funds and building awareness for Alert Dogs. Additionally, there seems to be a lack of protocol, when it comes to training an Alert Dog. Regulation and/or certification for the training of Alert Dogs will ensure that they work as they are supposed to in saving lives. In the long run, we would like to make them less expensive and more available.


                                            Our Mission

To raise awareness that diabetes alert dogs do exist and that they can change and save the lives of people with diabetes.

To motivate the creation of a diabetic alert dog training program by proving there is indeed a demand for this unique service. Further, there is a need for regulation and certification of that process.

To open up lines of communication with and among families and individuals affected by diabetes and provide a collaborative online space where people can share ideas and find hope and comfort.

To facilitate making Alert Dogs more affordable and more accessible.