Alert dogs for life


    My story began when I was ten, my eleventh birthday was just around the corner.

    While waiting to be picked up from a friends house, thoughts of the recent decline in economy and the expense of my brother’s Diabetic Alert Dog ($15,000) swirled together in my head. When my mom’s car finally came to a halt, I jumped in, still not sure of what to do for my upcoming birthday. As we drove away I began to ask specific details about the dog, having found out a little more information, I proclaimed that I had come to a conclusion on what I wanted to do for my birthday; a fund-raiser for my big brother, Billy. So began our quest to raise this money and eventually try to help others.

    As my mom had countless fund-raising experience, she knew all the tricks of the trade when it came to raising money. It started with a tax identification number and a special bank account. Next we went to Apple to make my invitation as “green” as possible, therefore making an ‘e-vite’.  We then proceeded to send the invitations to everyone in my grade as well as everyone in my brothers, which came to about 70 fifth and sixth graders. In lieu of gifts I had asked for a donation for my brother’s dog.

    The day of the party had arrived, and we had rented out our school gym in which we played; basketball, football, soccer, dodgeball, and danced. The party also continued outside where the dads had set up capture the flag. 

    After the party, we had raised a total of 3,000 dollars! Little did I know, that my ‘e-vite’ had been forwarded to just about everyone in my town and even more people donated to help. I eventually raised every single penny to get our super service dog!

    The day came, sooner then I had expected, to go pick up the newest member of our family. Cindy, a two-year-old German Shepherd who had been fully ADA certified and was everything that an eleven year old me could have hoped for! 

    Suddenly, the day came to get the newest member of our family, Cindy, a two-year-old German Shepherd. She is a fully trained ADA service dog. Even though I was very happy for my brother, I couldn't help but realize what it would mean for me. I have always wanted to get a dog and now that we are getting one, it wouldn’t be mine. My Mom had also told me that with a Service Dog, the owner can’t have any other dogs in the house until the dog is fully performing and has bonded to its owner. Even then the chances of us getting another dog still wouldn’t be that great because it would have to be a perfect fit for Cindy.

    Now, we have Cindy and she has been a blessing to our family. For the past few years an idea has been brewing in my family’s minds. We want to start a foundation so that these amazing animals could be more accessible and affordable for the people who need them the most.


Stephanie’s Story


                About Me

Name: Stephanie Stone

Current Age: 15 Years Old

Education: Lauralton Hall